City of New York Department of Correction

Department Directives

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Absence Control/Uniformed Sick Leave Policy
Access to Religious Programs and Practices   
Amnesty Boxes
Assignment of Inmates to Work Details
Assistant Deputy Warden Performance Appraisal
Attorney, Legal and Official Visits
Attorney Visits
Board of Correction Authority
Civilian/Non-Managerial Employees' Disciplinary Procedures
Commissary Procedures 
Correction Assistance Response for Employees (C.A.R.E.)
Dayroom Access/Eating Out of Cells 
Department Definitions of Inmate Categories
Deputy Warden Assignment Level Procedures
Deputy Warden Performance Appraisal
Due Process For IGRC Inmate Representatives
Employee Use of Social Media
Environmental Health Program
Environmental Health - Barbershops/Beauty Parlors
Environmental Health - Control of Vermin/Pest
Equal Employment Opportunity Office 
Exposure Control Plan
Facility Religious Activities
Housekeeping Procedures
Housing Area Logbooks
Inmate Access to Board of Education Services
Inmate Correspondence
Inmate Council
Inmate Disciplinary Due Process
Inmate Grievance and Request Program
   - Revision Notice 03/19/14
Inmate Incentive Pay Plan
Inmate Orientation
Inmate Personal Laundry
Inmate Visit Procedures
   - Revision Notice 12/02/10
   - Revision Notice 01/11/11
Jury Duty Service
Kosher/Halal Meal Program
Law Library Operations
Limited Personal Use of City Office and Technology Resources
Management Performance Appraisal
Mental Health Referral of Inmates Awaiting Disciplinary Action
Office of Inspector General Investigative Procedures
Outside Employment
Payment of Fines
Preparation/Processing of Kosher and Halal Meals
Preventing Inmate Sexual Abuse
Probationary Physical Exams For Uniformed Personnel
Procedures for Replacing Retirees Lost/Stolen ID Cards
Protective Custody
Random Testing to Detect and Deter Drug Abuse
Reasonable Accommodation
Reasonable Accommodation For Inmates With Disabilities
Receiving and Sending Inmate Packages
Referral of Inmates to Mental Health Services
Restraints for Pregnant Inmates and Inmates in Labor
Rikers Island Central Cashier (RICC)
   - Revision Notice 06/01/12
Safe House/Clean House Program
Safeguarding of U.S. Currency
Sexual Harassment
Sick Leave Requlations for Members of the Uniformed Force
Significant Family Events
Smoke Free Department
Suicide Prevention
   - Revision Notice 02/19/14
Therapeutic Diet
Training Advisory Committee
Victims of Domestic Violence , Sex or Stalking
Warden Assignment Level Procedure

Joseph Ponte
Joseph Ponte
Email the Commissioner
Inmate Lookup
Send Money to Inmate Account
Victim Information Notification Everyday
Correction History