City of New York Department of Correction

Applicant Investigation Unit

The Applicant Investigation Unit is charged with ensuring that the uniform members of service who are hired meet, and/or exceed the standards set by the Department. In doing so, the candidates are investigated to determine their background characteristics. They are also evaluated medically, inclusive of an agility test, and psychologically to determine their fitness for duty in all of the aforementioned areas. Upon review of all data, a determination is made integrating all areas of investigation that leads to a decision to recommend or not recommend hire.

How Do I Complete My Paperwork for the Applicant Investigation Unit? 

The pages that you are about to complete will provide some background information that your case coordinator will evaluate so as to determine your eligibility for the position of Correction Officer. You will be asked to provide data about your life history, such as your education, employment, arrests, and military experience. You will be asked to sign release information forms, so that your case coordinator can request information from your current and previous employers, the military and other sources. It is imperative that all documents contained on these pages be completed accurately. Please read all directions carefully as some forms require a signature and/or may need to be notarized. If any information is omitted it may delay your application process so please read each individual form carefully and answer all questions as they pertain to you.

A.I.U. Sample Forms 
The link above will bring you to a simulation of all the forms you will be required to complete. On each same form there will be specific instructions as to how to you to complete the form. Instructions will be highlighted in yellow. 

A.I.U. Candidate Forms
The link above will bring you to the forms that you must complete by typing in all of the required information and printing out all of the forms when you are scheduled to meet with your case coordinator for triage. You must print out all of the forms, 36 in total, even if there is nothing for you to complete on the form. If you have any questions about the completion of any of the information on a form please contact your case coordinator or phone numbers listed on the Candidate Helpline Form for List Management.