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Tower Cranes Safety

In an effort to encourage proper supervision and site safety, the Cranes & Derricks unit would like to remind all contractors, crane operators, and riggers to be aware of the current NYC Building Code requirements for the erection, dismantling and jumping of a tower crane or climber tower crane by providing a brief summary of the applicable code sections.

The code requires that a licensed rigger, either a master rigger or tower rigger or the foreman designated by a master rigger must supervise the erection, dismantling and jumping of a tower crane or climber tower crane.

Section 26-172 of the Building Code states the requirements for a Rigger's license.  This section declares that "[i]t shall be unlawful to hoist or lower any article on the outside of any building in the city of New York … unless such work is performed by or under the supervision of a person licensed as a rigger…"  The code clarifies that this section of code "shall apply to the erection or dismantling of a tower crane or climber crane on a building and to use a derrick in their removal, except that such erection or dismantling may be performed by or under the direct supervision of a person licensed by the city for such purpose in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated by the department."  The rules and regulations this section refers to are contained in Title 1 of the RCNY, reprinted in Chapter 25 of the Appendix A to the Code.  These rules establish the licensing requirements for Climber and Tower Crane Riggers.

A licensed master rigger may designate a foreman to supervise the erection, dismantling, or jumping of the crane in accordance with the guidelines set by Chapter 9 of the Department's rules, also reprinted in the Appendix A to the Code.  The licensed master rigger must file a written designation of the foreman with the Licensing Division and the foreman must have in his or her possession a "Certificate of License Record" (also known as a tear-off) from the licensed master rigger and a photo identification card issued by the licensed rigger.

The Department of Buildings will be inspecting the erection, dismantling and jumping of tower and climber tower cranes throughout the city and we will be verifying that a licensed rigger or his or her designated foreman is supervising the procedure.  If we find a site in violation, we will be issuing stop work orders and violations. 

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