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House #
Street Name
Top Elevator Offenders

Last Updated: October 1, 2015

Using complaint data, violations, maintenance filings, and field inspection records, the Buildings Department has identified ten of the top offenders who will be pursued under the Elevator Enforcement Program.

Top Elevator Offenders:

  1. 540 Jackson Avenue, Bronx
    Owner: 540 Jackson Realty Corporation

  2. 1839 University Avenue, Bronx
    Owner: Leyda Soto

  3. 657 Crotona Park North, Bronx
    Owner: 653-657 LLC

  4. 129 Ridge Street, Manhattan
    Owner: 129-135 Ridge Street HDFC

  5. 104-60 Queens Boulevard, Queens
    Owner: Parker Queens LP

  6. 2205 Davidson Avenue, Bronx
    Owner: New Day Housing Corporation

  7. 201 West 108th Street, Manhattan
    Owner: Strata Realty Corporation