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Stop Work Orders

The Department issues a Stop Work Order when Inspectors find hazardous or unsafe work and/or conditions. Stop Work Orders are issued to protect workers, tenants, the public as well as buildings and properties from unsafe conditions.

Full Stop Work Order
Stops all work on a construction site or building, excluding any necessary remedial work to make the site safe.

Partial Stop Work Order
Stops a certain type of work or work on a particular section of the construction site or building. A partial Stop Work Order does not stop all work on the site and certain work is still allowed to continue.

Lifting a Stop Work Order

To lift a Stop Worker Order:

  1. Correct all the violating conditions that resulted in the issuance of the Stop Work Order.

  2. Request a re-inspection from the unit that issued the Stop Work Order to verify that all the violating conditions have been corrected.

  3. Pay any applicable civil penalties

Violating a Stop Work Order
If the Department finds work being done against a Stop Work Order, additional violations may be issued:

First Violation of a Stop Work Order:

Any subsequent violation of a Stop Work Order:

additional $10,000

The penalties for these violations must be paid before the Stop Work Order can be lifted.

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