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Stalled Construction

In February 2009, the Department formed the Stalled Sites Unit to identify and track stalled construction. The Stalled Sites Unit maintains a list of all stalled sites and proactively inspects these sites to make sure that are being kept safe.
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Stalled Sites Program

In October 2009, the Stalled Sites Program was created to encourage owners to safely maintain their sites while work is stalled. Owners and developers who opt into the Stalled Sites program create in-depth site safety maintenance plans tailored to their sites’ specific challenges in exchange for being able to renew their active permits for up to four years. Under the NYC Construction Codes, work permits automatically lapse if work is suspended at a site for more than 12 months.

View Buildings Bulletin 2010-001 (PDF) for complete information on the Stalled Sites Program.

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Maintaining Safety at Stalled Construction Sites
Description: A discussion on measures owners and developers must take to ensure their sites are safeguarded while construction is suspended.
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