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Outdoor Advertising Registration Program

Individuals and entities engaged in the outdoor advertising business must register as Outdoor Advertising Companies (OACs) with the Department. As part of registration, OACs must include a detailed inventory of every sign, sign structure and sign location under its control which is located:

Failure to Register
Outdoor Advertising Companies without an active registration number from the Department are subject to fines of up to $25,000 per day as well as the loss of the ability to bid on City contracts.

Outdoor Advertising Companies that fail to register signs near arterial highways and public parks as required are subject to fines, removal of the signs and revocation of their registration as a Outdoor Advertising Company.


To register, submit the following documents:

  • Registration Application (OAC1) and if applicable

  • Sign Inventory Summary (OAC2)

  • Sign Profile (OAC3)

  • Affiliated OACs (OAC4)

  • Responsible Affiliate Interment (OAC5)

  • Fee/ Security Calculation Worksheet (OAC6)

  • Letter of Credit Form - OACs must provide a Letter of Credit to the Department printed on their bank's letterhead. This is required for applicants submitting a Sign Inventory.

  • Letter of Credit Agreement - The Letter of Credit Agreement defines the terms for which the Department may access funds in the Letter of Credit. The agreement must be signed by the applicant and accompany the Letter of Credit.

Registration Fees

Initial registration: $1,500 per advertising company
Renewal: $750 per advertising company

Initial sign registration: $125 per sign, sign structure or location
Renewal: $50 per sign, sign structure or location

Documentation for Existing Signs
You may need to obtain permit-related information for your sign, including copies of construction, electrical or illuminated sign permits.
Guide to Obtaining Sign-Related Documents (PDF)

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