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Accessory Sign
A sign that directs attention to a business at the sign’s location is an accessory sign and is not considered advertising. These are often referred to as business or on-premises signs.

Advertising Sign
An advertising sign directs attention to goods or services not found at the location of the sign.

Arterial Highway
Arterial Highways are shown on the Master Plan of Arterial Highways and Major Streets, as principal routes, "Parkways," or "Toll Crossings," and are designated by the City Planning Commission. Arterial Highways include:

  • Northern Boulevard
  • Queens Boulevard
  • Bruckner Expressway
  • FDR Drive
  • Long Island Expressway

List of Arterial Highways (Zoning Resolution, Appendix H)

Public Park
A public park is any publicly-owned park, playground, beach, parkway, or roadway within the jurisdiction and control of the Commissioner of Parks, except for park strips or malls in a street the roadways of which are not within such jurisdiction and control.
List of public parks ½ or more (Excel) or (PDF).

Note: The High Line Park, from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street, is considered a public park of ½ acre or more.

Advertising Signs
Installing a Sign
Outdoor Registration program
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