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The Padlock Enforcement Unit works to remove illegal commercial and manufacturing uses in residence and low-scale commercial districts that are contrary to the Zoning Resolution and any applicable Certificate of Occupancy.

Padlocking a Property
When the Padlock Unit receives a complaint, our staff will conduct inspections and legal use research. If an investigation finds an illegal commercial or manufacturing use, the Padlock Unit will notify the owner and the occupant of the subject premises and work with them to discontinue the illegal use.

If the owner and the occupant do not voluntarily discontinue the illegal use, the Padlock Unit will seek a closure recommendation at an administrative hearing before the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. A closure order may be issued, which will result in the padlocking of the premises and termination of the illegal use. Entry into a padlocked area can result in arrest.

Access to a Padlocked Premises
To access a padlocked premises, complete and submit the Request for Access to Premises (PE7) Form.

Removing an Order of Closure
To remove an order of closure against a property, discontinue all violating uses and submit a completed, notarized Rescission of Order of Closure (PE5a) Form to the Padlock Unit.

Padlock Unit
280 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007
(212) 393-2622

Padlock Complaints: Call 311

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