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Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions and Resolutions 2008 - 2015

The Department of Buildings investigates and commences disciplinary actions against five different categories of persons in the City's construction industry.

The following is a list of terms you may find helpful in understanding the linked files:

Limited Supervisory Check: The Department grants the privilege of limited plan review (Directive 14 of 1975) to Professional Engineers and Registered Architects.

Professional Certification of Applications and Plans: The Department grants the privilege to a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect to certify that the plans filed with the Department meet all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and procedures in order to receive a work permit in an expeditious manner.

Licensee Certification: The Department grants the privilege to holders of certain licenses issued by the Department to certify that the completed work meets all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Voluntary Surrender: When faced with disciplinary action, a licensee or expediter may agree to surrender or suspend his or her license or registration in lieu of facing formal disciplinary action. Similarly, a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect may surrender or agree to the suspension of his or her privileges to file at the Department or utilize the Limited Supervisory Check and Professional Certification privileges. General supervision and discipline of Professional Engineers and Registered Architects with respect to their professional licenses is under the jurisdiction of the State Education Department/Office of Professional Discipline.

Resolution of the Proceedings:

Disciplinary proceedings may be resolved either by agreement of the parties or by an Order of the Commissioner after a hearing at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. Resolution may involve:

  • Monetary payment
  • Fine
  • Probation - subject agrees to be monitored for a period of time
  • Suspension/Revocation - license or registration is not active, filing privileges are not permitted

Resolution of a proceeding by payment of funds, suspension or probation does not necessarily constitute an admission of guilt. Such resolutions may result from either disciplinary action or settlement in lieu of formal disciplinary action.

For additional information regarding disciplinary actions please write to the Enforcement Bureau 280 Broadway, 5th Floor NY, NY 10007. For additional information concerning licenses issued by the Department of Buildings, contact the Licensing Division.