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Facade - Common Mistakes on Facade Reports

  • Failing to provide certification that repairwork indentified as necessary in the previous cycle has been completed.

  • Failing to state the cause and description of deterioration.

  • Failing to indicate when indentified defects will render the condition of the façade Unsafe.

  • Failing to indicate which repairs will need a permit from the Department.

  • Failing to provide details about building appurtenances, such as flower pots and communication equipment.

  • Failing to indicate the status of a window air condition unit as either Safe or Unsafe.  These units cannot be categorized as Safe With a Repair and Maintenance Program (SWARMP).

  • Failing to include all required items in the report, such as property profile and ownership information.

  • Failing to submit photographs and a location diagram.

  • Failing to include a statement on the façade’s water-tightness.

  • Failing to perform a close-up inspection.

  • Providing information and/or data in the report that is not the same as what is written on the TR6 or evidenced in photographs.

  • Failing to resubmit a copy of the ‘Notice of Rejection.’

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Facade Inspections
Facade Report Guidelines
Rule 103-04 (PDF)