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Façade Inspections

Owners of buildings greater than 6 stories must have their buildings’ exterior walls and appurtenances inspected once every 5 years and file a technical report to the Department of Buildings.

Inspection Cycle:

The current Inspection Cycle (Cycle 8) runs from February 21, 2015 to February 21, 2020.

Staggered Sub-Cycles
The cycle has 3 staggered sub-cycles:

  • Cycle 8A
  • Cycle 8B
  • Cycle 8C

The last digit of the building’s block number determines the sub-cycles in which the report must be filed. 


Last Digit of Block Number

Filing Period


4, 5, 6, or 9

2/21/2015 – 2/20/2017


0, 7, or 8

2/21/2016 – 2/21/2018


1, 2, or 3

2/21/2017 – 2/20/2019





Owners of buildings greater that 6 stories in height must have the building’s facade inspected every five years.The inspection (critical examination) must be performed by a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) - a New York State licensed architect or engineer.

The status of the façade can be classified in three ways:

  • Safe – The façade has no problems and is in good condition

  • Safe With a Repair and Maintenance Program (SWARMP) – The façade is safe, but requires repairs/maintenance

  • Unsafe – The façade has problems/defects that pose a threat to public safety

Inspection & Filing Requirements

From the start of the sub-cycle, owners have the time indicated on the above chart to have their buildings inspected and file the required technical report.

  • After the inspection is performed, file the TR6 Form and the technical report with the Department’s Local Law Enforcement Unit.

  • Requirements for completing the technical report are outlined in section § 28-302.1 of the new NYC Construction Codes and RCNY 103-04 (formerly Amended Rule 32-03).

  • A report is only considered filed when it has been received by the Department.

  • Owners who fail to file a technical report within the specified filing period (see chart above) are subject to a monthly late penalty until an acceptable report is approved by the Department.

  • If a report is not filed within a year of the filing deadline, owners are subject to additional penalties.

  • If unsafe conditions are found during an inspection, owners must file the report as “Unsafe” and immediately install public safety measures, such as a sidewalk shed, construction fence, etc.

  • Unsafe conditions must be corrected within 90 days and an amended report filed with the Department within 15 days of completing the repairs. In total, repairs must be corrected and an amended report filed within 105 days of the initial filing.

  • If the repairs can not be completed within the allotted time, an extension up to 90 days may be granted.

  • If a building owner files a report as Unsafe and fails to correct the conditions and file an amended report within the allotted time (and does not obtain an extension), the building owner is subject to a monthly penalty for every month the unsafe conditions are not corrected.

  • An owner may request a waiver of penalties. The criteria for a waiver is outlined in RCNY 103-04 (formerly Amended Rule 32-03).

Rule 103-04 (PDF)
Facade Report Guidelines
Facade Forms
Facade Report Filing Fees & Penalties