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Elevators & Escalators

Visit 311 Online if you are concerned about the operation of an elevator or escalator. Dial 911 for life-threatening emergencies.

Elevator Safety

  • Look down and make sure the elevator is level with the floor while entering and exiting.

  • Do not exit the elevator if it stops more than 9 inches from the landing.

  • Press the "door open" button to hold closing elevator doors instead of using any part of your body.

  • Never lean on elevator doors.

  • Keep clothing items like ties and scarves clear of closing elevator doors.

  • Be patient and don’t crowd the elevator. Too many people crowded into elevators can cause it to get stuck.

  • Avoid jumping which can make an elevator uneven with the floor. You can also get stuck.

Three rules if you get stuck in an elevator:

  1. Ring the alarm

  2. Relax because help is on the way.

  3. Wait without prying open the doors.

Escalator Safety

  • Step on and off carefully.

  • Hold the handrail.

  • Help young children and seniors.

  • Always face forward.

  • Don’t touch the sides below the handrail.

  • Never ride with an open stroller.

  • Make sure your shoelaces are tied.

In an Emergency:

  • Never use an elevator in the event of a fire.

  • If elevator gets stuck, remain calm and wait for help.

  • Never attempt to pry the elevator doors open.

  • Use the emergency call button.

  • Follow the instructions from the building management.

  • Never attempt to exit a stalled elevator without the help of the building management or emergency responder (e.g. Police, Fire Rescue).

  • Move to the rear center of the elevator and face the doors while waiting for help.

View the elevator/escalator safety flyer for adults
View the elevator/escalator safety flyer for children 

Elevator/Escalator Safety Week 

The Elevator Division visits classrooms across New York City to promote elevator and escalator safety awareness.
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Flyer (English) (PDF)
Flyer (En Español) (PDF)


Clarification of Elevator Inspection Rules
Description: This presentation clarifies administrative changes and updates to Elevator Inspection and Test Filing Requirements, Penalties and Waivers.
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