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Cranes & Derricks

The Department's Cranes and Derricks Unit oversees the design, installation and safe operation of equipment used for hoisting or lifting purposes. Cranes and Derricks does not regulate equipment installed on water.

Personnel and Tower Material Hoists

Personnel and Tower Material hoists are regulated by the Elevator Division.

Service Notices & Updates

Protocol for Erecting Tower Cranes (PDF)
Erecting Tower Cranes: Required Protocol for Third-Party Certifications (PDF)
2014 Holiday Weekend Inspection Schedule (PDF)
New Filing Fees for CD4 & CD5 Applications (PDF)
Changes to Cranes & Derricks Permits (PDF)
Procedures to Obtain After-Hours Variances for Crane Work (PDF)
New Permits for Crane Work (PDF)
Changes to Cranes and Derricks Filing Fees (PDF)


Please refer to to the Licensing section of our website for all issues and questions concerning the licensing of crane operators.


2008 NYC Construction Codes:

  • Chapter 4, Article 404, Rigger License
  • Chapter 4, Article 405, Hoisting Machine Operator License
  • Chapter 33, Subchapter 3319

Local Laws:

Other Important Regulations:


Cranes & Derricks Division
280 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007
9:00am - 3:00pm (M-F)
(212) 393-2411

To report an incident or accident involving a crane or derrick, call 212-393-2127

To schedule an appointments for crane inspections, Stop Work Order re-inspections or confirmation numbers and notifications, call 212-393-2662

To schedule an appointment with a Plan Examiner, call 212-393-2550

For general Cranes & Derricks Questions, call 212-393-2411

Important Links

Crane Notice Checklist
On-Site Inspections
Outrigger Beams & C-Hooks
Plan Exam Appointments
Tower Crane Safety 
Cranes and Derricks Fee Schedule (PDF)

Resources & Reference Materials

Reference Standard 19-2 (PDF)
Tower Crane Regulatory Notice (PDF)
Crane Notice (PDF)
On-Site Waivers (PDF)
Hanging Scaffold Application
Industrial Rope Access Application
Temporary Certificate of Approval/Operations (TCAO) (PDF)
Cranes and Derricks Presentation (PDF)