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Crane Notice Checklist

1.  Application

  • Location: Complete address with block and Lot. Job application available.
  • Equipment information: CD #, SN #, manufacturer, model and owner
  • Applicant and Equipment user complete information.
  • Statement and Signatures from equipment user, safety coordinator and applicant.
  • PE/RA stamp and signature.
  • PE/RA letter required describing equipment and configuration to be used site condition, maximum load and radius and responsibility of applicant.
  • Copies of active CD registration.
  • Erecting crane amendment.
  • Erector’s license and letter.
  • Technical Report (Form CD-8) for Directive 14 inspection request.

2.  Calculations

  • Crane diagram and specifications; crane outrigger reactions, telescopic sequence, outriggers spread and counterweights.
  • Complete calculation for equipment reaction, dunnage, support, stability, boom/jib clearance, etc.
  • Copy of Cranes and Derricks approved load chart covering the range of use applied for.
  • Crane surcharge on foundation wall, vault, basement wall and other structures.

3.  Drawing

  • Location plan with dimension, north arrow, street width, traffic direction, sidewalk width, adjacent buildings, distance to subway, flagmen and other pertinent informations.
  • Crane location with front and rear indicated, distance to building line, swing of boom, maximum radius/pick loads, detail of dunnage and other equipment support.
  • Cross sections showing vault, foundation wall and underground structure affected by equipment placement.
  • Elevation drawing showing clearances from existing structures and load set points.
  • General notes of operation and safety.

4.  General

  • Letter from other agencies (TA, Amtrak, LIRR, SCA, NYCHA, Port Authority, Metro North)
  • Evacuation letter from the property managing office.
  • Letter from structural engineer of record for equipment supported by an existing structure.
  • Certified load data.
  • Schedule for assembling or disassembling of equipment.
  • Request for inspection and magnaflux report.