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Certifying Correction for an ECB Violation

You must correct the violating condition and certify correction with the Department. To certify correction, submit:

  • an original Certificate of Correction (AEU2 Form)

  • proof of correction, such as photographs and receipts

  • a notarized statement attesting to how the violation was corrected

You can submit a Certificate of Correction once the violating condition is corrected. The hearing and certification processes are separate.

Submit all documents in person or by mail to:

NYC Department of Buildings
Administrative Enforcement Unit
280 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007
(212) 393-2405
8:30am - 4:00pm

You can submit up to ten certificates between 8:30am and 10:00am for immediate review, and up to three thereafter.

The Certificate of Correction can be completed by the:

  • Respondent named in the violation

  • Officer, Director or Managing Agent of named respondent corporation

  • Owner, but not named respondent (if you are a new owner, attach a copy of deed)

  • Managing agent of place of occurrence (attach a notarized letter of designation from owner)

  • Partner of named respondent partnership

  • Contractor or other agent (with authorization)

New Owners
If you are a new owner, and not the named respondent, you must also attach a copy of a deed showing the transfer of ownership. Online copies of deeds are available from the Department of Finance at

Immediately Hazardous Violations

If you receive a Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous) violation, you must immediately correct the violating condition and certify correction. Failure to certify correction will result in the issuance of a DOB violation with a $1,500 civil penalty. The civil penalty is in addition to penalties assessed by ECB Court.

Immediately Hazardous Illegal Conversion Violations

To limit the imposition of additional daily penalties ($1,000/day), certify correction as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until the hearing.

Work Without Permit Violations

You must pay additional DOB civil penalties before your Certificate of Correction will be approved, or provide proof of a penalty waiver.


The Department of Buildings’ Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) reviews all Certificates of Correction and accompanying documents to determine their acceptability. If your Certificate of Correction is approved, the violation will appear as “Resolved” in BIS. Unless you received a “cure” or “stipulation” or “admit,” you may still need to attend the hearing at ECB or pay default penalties. Check your violation on BISWEB or contact ECB for hearing information.


If your Certificate of Correction is disapproved, you must resubmit your Certificate of Correction after addressing the reasons for the disapproval printed on the disapproval letter. Common reasons for disapproval are:

  • Additional proof of correction is not submitted (e.g., permits)

  • Written statement confirming all violating conditions have been corrected is missing

  • Certificate is not signed, and/or not notarized, or is not an original

  • Certificate of Correction is not submitted with other documentation

  • Respondent is raising a defense to the violation and must appear at ECB

  • Civil penalties to DOB not paid (class 1 violations or work without permit violations)

Note: The violation will continue to appear as "open" in BIS until acceptable proof is submitted that the violating condition has been corrected even if the penalty imposed at ECB has been paid. (Violations dismissed at ECB court also show as “resolved” and do not require certification or payment.)

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