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Advertising Signs

An advertising sign directs attention to goods or services not found at the location of the sign. A sign that directs attention to a business at the sign’s location is an accessory sign and is generally not considered advertising.

Prohibited Locations

There are strict regulations regarding the location of advertising signs.

Zoning Districts

Advertising signs are not permitted in residential districts and most commercial district.  The Zoning Resolution provides guidance on where advertising signs are permitted.
Zoning Resolution (Department of City Planning)

Temporary Protective Construction Structures

Advertising signs are not permitted on construction fences, scaffolds and sidewalk sheds.
Learn more (PDF)

Arterial Highways and Public Parks

Additional regulations apply to signs located in proximity to arterial highways and public parks one-half acre or larger.

List of Arterial Highways
Zoning Resolution, Appendix H

List of Public Parks One-half Acre or Larger*

Note: The High Line Park, from Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street, is considered a public park of ½ acre or more.

Outdoor Registration program
Sign Enforcement