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November 25, 2008


Advertisements to Remind Workers to Use Their Safety Harnesses and Lifelines

Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri announced today the Department is developing a citywide worker safety campaign aimed at urging construction workers to use their safety harnesses and lifelines at all times while working on a job site.

The central message of the campaign -"Stay Connected" - will serve as a strong reminder to construction workers to wear their harnesses and keep their lifelines properly attached, as required by law. Over the coming weeks, the campaign will consist of various print, radio, and television advertisements, both in English and Spanish, as well as advertisements posted in telephone kiosks across the City.

So far this year, four workers have died in accidental falls at construction sites that could have been prevented with safety harnesses and/or lifelines.

"Workers need to stay connected on the job so they can stay connected to their families," Commissioner LiMandri said. "Using a safety harness and a lifeline is the best way to protect yourself on a construction site, and those who fail to do so are putting their lives at serious risk."

Commissioner LiMandri made the announcement at the Building Trades Employers' Association 2008 Safety Conference in midtown Manhattan. He asked the 200 industry members who attended the conference to join the Department's campaign and post the advertisements at their construction sites in an effort to promote safety.

An example of the advertisements included in the campaign is  attached.

Contact:     Tony Sclafani/Kate Lindquist (212) 566-3473