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December 23, 2013


New Hub ‘Inspection Ready’ Service Will Move Inspection Scheduling Online and Allow for Faster Service and Inspection Results

More Than $5.7 Billion in Economic Activity Generated and Over 1300 New Buildings and Major Projects Approved Through NYC Development Hub

Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri today announced that scheduling for virtually all inspections will move online using a new electronic system called Hub Inspection Ready, which is slated to launch in spring 2014. This system will make it easier to request inspections using the Department’s website and will expand the services offered through the NYC Development Hub, which has approved more than 1300 new buildings and major construction projects and generated more than $5.7 billion in estimated economic activity since it launched in October 2011. The Development Hub is a state-of-the-art plan review center created to accelerate the construction project approval process by accepting and reviewing digital construction plans. Hub Inspection Ready will be used to request inspections by the Department, including those related to Boilers; Builders Pavement Plans; Construction; Cranes & Derricks; Electrical; Elevators; House Connections; Plumbing; and Sustainability. Hub Inspection Ready will offer more precise inspection scheduling and improve inspection tracking and notifications. In addition, this new system will further standardize the electronic checklists used by Department inspectors for improved, agency-wide consistency – and allow industry members to certify certain objections electronically, eliminating a need for costly re-inspections.

“This new service from the NYC Development Hub will allow our customers to request inspections online and have the results of those inspections emailed to them within 24 hours,” said Commissioner Robert LiMandri. “Hub Inspection Ready will provide better, faster service and reduce the costs associated with in-person visits and calls to the Department’s borough offices. The Development Hub has redefined what it means to do construction in New York City by making the permitting, approval and inspection process more efficiency without sacrificing safety.”

The NYC Development Hub has allowed the Department to completely digitize the approval process for construction permits. Projects submitted to the Development Hub are reviewed and approved remotely using virtual plan reviews and video conferencing to foster collaboration between design professionals and Department experts. Approvals for these projects have been issued up to three times faster than paper-based plans submitted to the Department’s borough offices. The addition of Hub Inspection Ready will extend the convenience of online service to our customers when requesting inspections. Instead of requiring multiple calls or visits to the Department’s borough offices, inspections will be scheduled with the click of a button allowing for faster service and more timely inspection results. Through Hub Inspection Ready users will be able to request inspections online – 24/7; receive inspection results via email within 24 hours; securely upload documents; certify certain objections electronically; and easily view inspection information related to multiple jobs. Hub Inspection Ready will be used to request inspections for all jobs, regardless of how the job was first filed with the Department.

Hub Inspection Ready is the latest effort by the Department to increase the efficiency of its inspection operations and advance development. In 2012, the Department created a new unit within the NYC Development Hub called Hub Inspection Services. Hub Inspection Services centralizes construction, electrical and plumbing inspections so buildings can be occupied faster. In addition, the Department reconfigured the structure of its inspection unit into development and enforcement, in order to better facilitate safe and compliant development while maintaining standards in enforcement. As a result of these changes, electrical inspections are now performed within six days — down from a citywide average of 38 days. Construction and plumbing inspections are performed within an average of five days.

About the NYC Development Hub

All electronic filings at the Department are coordinated through the NYC Development Hub, which offers industry members a more efficient path toward obtaining construction project approval and permits. Using the Development Hub, New York State licensed architects and engineers and/or licensed contractors can perform the below tasks without visiting a Department office:

  • Submit digital plans for proposed new buildings and major construction (Alteration Type-1) where plans are reviewed and approved in a virtual environment
  • Submit digital plans for proposed minor construction where plans will be reviewed and approved in a virtual environment (Hub Full-Service). Filing representatives who register with the Department can also can submit these plans;
  • Professionally certify plans for proposed minor renovations in order to receive an approval and a construction permit within 24 hours (Hub Self-Service);
  • Submit request for inspections relating to development online. Owners, licensed professionals, filing reps and other licensees can view information related to inspections and receive results via email (Hub Inspection Ready); and
  • Submit online applications and obtain permits for proposed electrical work, minor plumbing work under $25,000 and after-hours variances. After-hours variances also can be submitted by a registered filing representative.

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