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October 28, 2013


Hub ‘Full-Service’ Allows Design Professionals to Electronically Submit Plans for Minor Construction Projects to be Reviewed and Approved Remotely

NYC Development Hub Now Offers Virtual Plan Reviews for all New Buildings, Major, and Minor Alterations and Eliminates a Need to Visit a Borough Office

Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri today announced that digital construction plans for all minor construction projects can now be submitted to the NYC Development Hub for a virtual review; fostering more collaboration between design professionals and Department experts. This expansion of the NYC Development Hub will for the first time allow filing representatives and design professionals to collaborate virtually for Alteration Type-2 and Alteration Type-3 minor construction projects. Plans for minor construction, including home renovations, construction fences, and scaffolding, will be reviewed and approved virtually through the Department’s new Hub Full-Service online portal. With this expansion, plans for all major and minor construction projects in New York City can be electronically submitted, reviewed, and approved through the NYC Development Hub.

More than 50,000 applications for minor construction are received by the Department each year, and this online approach is expected to save the construction industry tens of millions of dollars associated with in-person visits to Department offices. By expanding virtual plan review for minor construction projects, the Development Hub can now accept and review digital documents for every kind of construction project in the City – allowing property owners and industry professionals to receive permits faster than ever before.

“Thanks to the expanded NYC Development Hub, any construction project in New York City can be approved from the comfort of your own office,” said Commissioner Robert LiMandri. “It is no longer necessary for industry members to visit our offices in order to submit paper plans and other documents. Whether you’re constructing a new building or renovating a kitchen, architects and engineers can have their plans reviewed by our plan examiners with the click of a button. The Department has completely digitized the approval process for construction permits.”

Since 2011, the Development Hub has accepted digital plans for new building and Alteration Type-1 projects, which are considered major construction. Approvals for those projects have been issued up to three times faster than paper-based plans submitted to one of the Department’s borough offices. In 2012, the Department launched Hub Self-Service, under which licensed architects and engineers can professionally certify plans for small construction projects online. Since then, more than 8,191 permits have been electronically issued to design professionals using Hub Self-Service.

The addition of Hub Full-Service is designed to give property owners and their representatives the option to electronically submit plans to the Department for minor construction projects. Filing representatives and design professionals will submit required documents electronically; collaborate with the Department through virtual plan reviews; and permits will be issued online. Through the Department’s website, applicants can create an online account, complete the necessary electronic forms, and participate in a virtual plan review in order to receive a construction permit. Alteration Type-2 and Alteration Type-3 applications are typically submitted when there is no change in use, occupancy or egress.

About the NYC Development Hub

All electronic filings at the Department are coordinated through the Development Hub, which offers industry members a more efficient path toward obtaining construction project approval and permits. Using the Development Hub, New York State licensed architects and engineers and/or licensed contractors can perform the below tasks without visiting a Department office:

  • Submit digital plans for proposed new buildings and major construction (Alteration Type-1) where plans are reviewed and approved in a virtual environment;

  • Submit digital plans for proposed minor construction where plans will be reviewed and approved in a virtual environment (Hub Full-Service). Filing representatives who register with the Department can also can submit these plans;

  • Professionally certify plans for proposed minor renovations in order to receive an approval and a construction permit within 24 hours (Hub Self-Service);

  • Submit online applications and obtain permits for proposed electrical work, minor plumbing work under $25,000 and after-hours variances. After-hours variances also can be submitted by a registered filing representative.

All associated fees for the NYC Development Hub applications can now be paid online. Electronic payment systems are another part of the City’s efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.