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For Immediate Release
March 30, 2009


More than 60,000 Documents Will Be Accepted Each Year
and Stored Online

Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri today announced the launch of eSubmit, a new program that cuts the wait time for building permit applicants by enabling them to electronically submit certain documents from their home or office. These documents, also known as "required items," will be stored and made available online so that applicants can fulfill requirements electronically and New Yorkers can easily access critical information about construction projects planned for their neighborhoods. Effective today, applicants can now submit more than 200 required items and supporting documents online through the eSubmit program.

"Making construction operations more transparent is one of our top priorities. This new program will make thousands of construction documents available online, as well as increase the efficiency of the permit application process," said Commissioner LiMandri. "Access to this information will make it easier for applicants and New Yorkers to monitor construction projects across the five boroughs."

Each year, the Buildings Department receives approximately 60,000 required items and supporting documents associated with permit applications. Under the new eSubmit program, applicants may now submit these documents electronically. DOB will review the documents for accuracy and completion, and applicants will be notified via email once the documents are approved or disapproved.  Approved documents will become part of the permit application and will be made available online in BISWeb, the Department's online property database. Documents associated with demolition permit applications or that require technical review must still be submitted in person at DOB.

The eSubmit program builds upon DOB's online document management system, known as B-SCAN. DOB receives more than 300,000 pages of paper every month from customers throughout its five borough offices, and the B-SCAN system enables DOB staff to electronically scan these documents so that they can be managed, retrieved, archived and accessed online by applicants and the public.

For more information about the eSubmit program, or to view documents associated with construction permit applications, visit

Contact:     Tony Sclafani/Kate Lindquist (212) 566-3473