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State of Construction - Podcasts

Robert LiMandri
Former Commissioner, NYC Buildings Department 2008 – 2013
Construction is vital to economic growth of New York City, and the Department of Buildings plays an integral role in facilitating development and ensuring safe construction. Under Former Commissioner Robert LiMandri, it has become easier to build than ever before due to the incorporation of new technology and initiatives designed to improve the approval process. However, the Department also has raised construction safety standards throughout the City by implementing more than 25 new laws since 2008, improving training for inspectors and construction workers and forming new inspectorial units to target industry trends. With these efforts, the Department of Buildings has become a worldwide leader in construction safety and digital development.

State of Construction provides an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in construction in New York City, as well as the latest developments at the Department to improve the construction experience for all New Yorkers. Thanks for listening.

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