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OP98 Rejections (Notice/Result)

Last Updated: November 27, 2015

OP98 rejection reports will be posted online daily at 4pm. All OP98 applications received before 2:30 pm will be reflected on the same day. The OP98 rejection reports will have data for the last 90 days based on the "Last Updated" date shown above.

OP98 Rejections are divided into two reports, Notices and Results. These reports are in Excel ® 97 format. To download the file, right click on the report of your choice, and click on "Save Target As...."

To check whether your job was rejected, please check whether your job number is on the database. To do so, click on the drop down arrow on Job #, choose "Custom" and type your job number. If your job number appears, please check the "Rejected Reason(s)" column to find out why your application was rejected. If your job number does not appear, check BIS On the Web for details of your acceptance.

If you do not see your job in both the rejection reports and BIS on the Web, please contact the Call Center.