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Licenses News

Artisan Insurance No Longer Accepted
As of February 15, 2010 the Licensing Unit will no longer accept Artisan policies for Registered General Contractor (123 Family) Commercial General Liability Insurance. This includes all certificates with a policy number containing an “ART” prefix or suffix.  Learn more.

New HMO Class C License Cards
The Department is now issuing a new license card for all Class C Hoist Machine Operator licenses. Existing license cards will be valid until their expiration date.  Learn more about the new licenses.

Electrical License Fee Changes
Several Master and Special Electrician license fees will increase on April 18, 2009. Applications submitted on or after this date must include the  new fee amount. New fees will also be charged for lost, damaged or stolen cards that must be reissued or replaced.

Class C HMO License Documentation
Individuals seeking to maintain a  Class C Hoist Machine Operator License must provide  documentation of certification from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operations (NCCCO) by September 30, 2009.

Job-specific Workers' Compensation and/or
Disability Waiver Requirments

To apply for an exemption from insurance requirements, the Buildings Department only accepts the Certificate of Attestation of Exemption (Form CE-200) as  proof of a waiver) from the New York State Workers’ Compensation and/or Disability Benefits Insurance Coverage. The WC/DB-100 is no longer accepted.