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NYC Development Hub

Soon, you'll be able to schedule virtually all inspections online through our latest NYC Development Hub expansion: Hub Inspection Ready.

Make signing up for Inspection Ready easy: Update your email address, license and insurance information today!

Keep reading Buildings News and visit We'll be providing more information on how you can maximize the benefits of Inspection Ready.

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All construction projects in New York City must comply with the NYC Construction Codes and the City's Zoning Resolution. The NYC Construction Codes consist of the 2008 Building Code, the Plumbing Code, the Mechanical Code, the Fuel and Gas Code, the Electrical Code and the NYC Energy Conservation Code. The Zoning Resolution is written by the NYC Department of City Planning and enforced by the Department of Buildings.
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Use the 2008 Construction Codes Amendment Index & Integrated Administrative Provisions
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NYC Development Hub

The Department opened the NYC Development Hub to accelerate the permit approval process. At the state-of-the-art center, applications are submitted online and reviewed and approved by multiple City agencies in a virtual environment.

Today, all electronic filings (eFiling) at the Department of Buildings are coordinated through the NYC Development Hub's services. Hub Self-Service enables New York State-licensed architects and engineers to professionally certify plans for small construction projects (Alterations Type-2 and -3) without visiting a Department office. Hub Full-Service extended virtual plan reviews to minor construction projects. And, in 2014, we'll be launching Hub Inspection Ready, a new online scheduling system for virtually all inspections.

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