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Course Approval & Submission Process Valid Unitl February 28, 2015


The Department strongly recommends new proposal packages be submitted under the New Course Approval Process effective on February 28, 2015.

The new approval process is time intensive and can take anywhere from 7 months to 1 year for final approval. Do not delay utilizing the new process because it may impede your business from operating until approval is achieved.

Course Approval & Submission Process Valid Until 2/28/2015:

To get approval to teach a course, you must submit to the Department of Buildings a Proposal Package based on the Department Approved Course Requirements for the course you want to teach.

Proposal Package Documentation

Each Proposal Package must consist of 2 hard copies and 1 electronic copy on CD of the following:

  1. A Cover Page. The cover page should include all identifying information about your company. This is the only place where this information should be included. The cover page must also include the following:

    • The course curriculum requirement title
    • Your company’s name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and internet website
    • Your company’s contact person and their title

  2. Facility Requirements. A description of how your training facility meets the Course Curriculum Requirements.

  3. Instructor Requirements. The resumes of all instructors qualified to teach the course as listed on the Course Curriculum Requirements.

  4. Curriculum Requirements. Include all materials used to deliver your course:

    A copy of the instructor guide or lesson plan that contains:

    • Objectives
    • Course curriculum packages submitted must include:
      1. all Course Content Outline topics listed on the Course Curriculum Requirement page.
      2. list the time spent on each topic based on the Course Delivery Method
      3. be assembled in the numerical order listed on the Course Curriculum Requirement page.

Submittal and Approval

Course Curriculum Proposal Packages should be mailed to:

Department of Buildings
280 Broadway, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Attention: Buildings University

Once the proposal has been received, the Department will send an email confirmation to the applicant.


If you have any questions, please fill in the Questions Form.