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Sidewalk Sheds

A sidewalk shed is a structure erected over a sidewalk to protect pedestrians from debris that might fall from work going on above.

Notification Changes in the 2014 Construction Code

The 2014 Construction Code requires permit holders to notify the Department when sidewalk sheds installed after December 31, 2014 are removed within 48 hours. Notification is not required prior to removal. A Service Notice will be issued in the first quarter of 2015 about how to make this notification.

Installing Sidewalk Sheds

To install a sidewalk shed, applicants must: 
  • obtain an electrical permit from the Electrical Unit
  • obtain a construction permit from the Borough Office

A construction permit will not be issued until the electrical permit is obtained.


All sidewalk sheds must be inspected on a daily basis and the results of these inspections must be recorded in a maintenance log , readily available on-site at all times. The Applicant of Record listed on the PW2 is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk shed.
Maintenance Log Requirements (PDF)