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Required Items

Required Items indicate what requirements apply to a specific job, and when they must be satisfied. Every job filing is unique. Scope of work, location, and other variables determine which requirements apply.

Required Items Reference Guide

The Required Items Reference Guide is an online reference that establishes a clear, common standard for when requirements apply to a particular job filing and how to satisfy each required item.

Exclusions: The current version of the Guide does not reference to Controlled Inspection Required Items and most Builder's Pavement Plan (BPP) Required Items.

Note: The Guide may not be a complete list of every item required for a job.

View the Reference Guide (PDF)

Recent Updates:

Street Trees

Applicants submtting New Building, Alteration 1 and Alteration 2 Enlargement applications must comply with Street Tree requirements.
Street Tree Checklist & Sign-Off (PDF)
Street Tree Site Plan (PDF)

Parking in the Hudson Yards, Clinton and Garment Districts

The Department requires approval from the City Planning Commission of proposed parking for New Building and Alteration 1 projects in the Hudson Yards, Clinton and Garment districts. A parking required item will automatically be applied.
 Learn more (PDF)

Single Room Occupancy Multiple Dwellings

The Single Room Occupancy Multiple Dwelling (SRO MD) Anti-Harassment Checklist (HPD3) is required for Single Room Occupancy Multiple Dwellings undergoing demolition or alteration (does not apply to Alteration Type 3 applications for sheds, fences or curb cuts).

City-Owned Properties

Prior-to-approval and prior-to-sign-off required items apply to all aplications on city-owned properties that are not Landmarked for Art Commission approval.

Properties in Special Districts with Air and/or Noise Little "E" Designations

A required item automatically applies to New Building, Alteration (Type 1, 2 and 3) applications filed for properties with Air and/or Noise Little "E" designations within the Hudson Yards, West Chelsea, Downtown Jamaic and Manhattanville Mixed-use special districts.