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The Department of Buildings' Plumbing Division enforces the City's Plumbing Code to make sure that drinking water is kept safe from contamination and that gas lines and appliances are installed and maintained in a safe manner.

Applications and Permits
Outdoor Gas Heaters for Sidewalk Cafés
Fire Pump Installation and Testing Guide (PDF)
Plumbing Forms
Buildings Bulletins

Plumbing Information and Updates

2010 Sprinkler and Standpipe Requirements

In 2010, the City instituted new regulations for standpipe and sprinkler systems.

Standpipe Hydrostatic Pressure Testing (PDF)
Standpipe Air Pressurized Alarms (PDF)
Cutting and Capping of Sprinklers and Standpipes (PDF)
Painting Requirements for Sprinklers & Standpipes (PDF)
Fact Sheet (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions

Plumbing Division
280 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Borough Plumbing Chiefs
Manhattan (212) 566-5280
Bronx (718) 579-6916
Brooklyn (718) 802-3714
Queens (718) 286-8350
Staten Island (718) 816-2208
Central Inspections (212) 566-5282
Plumbing Technical Director (212) 566-5023
Inspection Appointments (212) 393-2550
Plumbing Board (212) 566-4838
Non-Emergency Complaints 311
Report unprofessional conduct (212) 825-3330 (BSIU)
Report an unlicensed plumber (212) 442-2000 (IAD)