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Permit Renewal FAQ

  1. What is the proper way to file a permit renewal?
  2. The proper way to file a permit renewal is the following:

    • Submit application (PW2) two weeks before its expiration (2 copies.)
    • Make sure all insurance is updated on your existing tracking number or submit insurance certificates that reflect that policies are currently in effect.
    • Provide complete information on permit application (PW2).
    • Submit $100.00 renewal fee for each work type, except for work that is exempt or fee deferred.

  3. What kind of insurance do I need in order to get a permit?
  4. The following types of insurance are required for permits renewal:

    • Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance are required for all permits.
    • Street obstruction bonds are needed for all construction equipment permits (i.e. Fence, Shed, and Scaffold.)
    • Liability Insurance is required for all New Building (NB) applications

  5. How do I inquire about the status of a Permit Renewal?
  6. You can find the status of a Permit Renewal by the following ways:

  7. How do I submit a change in my business address?
  8. Contractors must submit an original typed and notarized letter on company letterhead, which includes the old place of business address in addition to the new location of business. The contractor must also submit new original insurance certificates that include the new place of business address. Contractors must also complete a renewal with change PW2 form showing the new address.

  9. When is it necessary to have a superseding letter?
  10. A superseding letter is required when replacing a contractor on a permit that is currently active. This letter is authorized by the owner and allows the previous contractor to be replaced on record with a newly hired contractor.

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