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Licensing Exams and Qualifications

License Exams Candidate Information Bulletin
Candidate Information Bulletin (PDF)

For information regarding the licensing exams, please contact the Department's Licensing Unit.

Below is the list of "How to Guides" on how to obtain this list of licensed trades.

  1. High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer

  2. Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractors

  3. Master Plumbers

  4. Master or Special Electrician

  5. Master Riggers

  6. Special Riggers

  7. Site Safety Manager (PDF)

  8. Master Sign Hangers

  9. Special Sign Hangers

  10. Oil Burner Equipment Installers

  11. Private Agency Elevator Director or Elevator Inspector (PDF)

  12. Tower / Climber Crane Riggers

New applications for Site Safety Managers, Private Agency Elevator Director and Private Agency Elevator Inspector will be accepted beginning March 1, 2013.

Additional Information
Licensing Forms
Licensing Frequently Asked Questions