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Change Companies, Shelve, Retire or Surrender

Applicable Licenses:

  • Licensed Master Plumbers
  • Licensed Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor

Make sure that all open jobs filed under your license number are closed or that there is another licensee taking over. To change companies, shelve, retire, or surrender a license:

  1. Request a List of Open Permits
  2. Close or Transfer Open Jobs
  3. Indicate Reason for Changing, Shelving, Retiring or Surrendering
  4. Return License Card, Plate and Seal

The Department will not grant changes with any outstanding Environmental Control Board fines, penalties or fees.

1. Request a List of Open Permits

Submit a letter requesting a report listing all open permits and or PRA/ARA. The letter must include:

  • Company letterhead
  • Licensee number
  • Licensee signature
  • Contact telephone number

Submit request to:

Mail: Licensing Unit
  Attn: LMP/FS Batch Request
  NYC Department of Buildings
  280 Broadway, 6th Floor
  New York, NY 10007
Fax: (646) 500- 6247 and/or (646) 500 - 6249
  Attn: LMP/FS Batch Request

The report costs 25 cents per page. You will be notified by the Licensing Unit when your report is ready for pickup. If you have any outstanding fines, penalties or fees, you must clear them prior to changing/dropping a company.

2. Close or Transfer Open Jobs

If you have open jobs, you must transfer the jobs to another licensee or close them.

Another Licensee Will Take Over

If another licensee will take responsibility for signing off the jobs, you must provide:

  • Licensee name
  • License number
  • Company name
  • Statement that the licensee will assume responsibility for all open jobs or particular listed jobs. All jobs must be accounted for.
  • A notarized letter (affidavit) from the named licensee assuming responsibility for those designated open jobs.

No Licensee to Take Over

If there is no licensee taking over, all open jobs must be closed. Once your report comes back with no open jobs, you will be allowed to shelve/retire/surrender the license.

No Open Permits

If there are no open permits, no affidavit is needed.

3. Indicate Reason for Changing, Shelving, Retiring or Surrendering

Indicate one of the following reasons for changing companies, shelving, retiring or surrendering and submit the required documentation:

  1. Business Has Dissolved
    Submit a copy of the Certificate of Dissolution from the NY Department of State/Secretary of State/Division of Corporations for a corporation or from the County Clerk for a company.

  2. Business Will Dissolve
    Submit a notarized letter (affidavit) from an accountant or a letter from your attorney stating that the business is in the process of being dissolved and a copy of the final dissolution certificate will be sent to the Licensing Unit when the process is complete.

  3. No Longer Performing Plumbing/Fire Suppression Work in NYC
    Submit a notarized letter (affidavit) on company letterhead stating that the business is no longer doing plumbing and/or fire suppression work in New York City

  4. Business Being Sold
    Sign back the stock certificates to the company and provide copies of the voided or canceled certificates (front and back) to the Licensing Unit. Submit a copy of the bill of sale. The business can only continue doing plumbing/fire suppression work if there is a licensed contractor in that business (see 3c.).

4. Return License Card, Plate and Seal

Return the plate, seal and current license card to:

Licensing Unit
NYC Department of Buildings
280 Broadway, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10007
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, Monday - Friday

Changing a Company

Order a new plate. Return the old plate when you come in to pick up the new one. Do not return the seal.

Shelving Your License (Certificate Only)


  • Typed LIC-2 application form – complete sections #1-4, 6, 8-10
  • 1 photo
  • Continued education certificates if you are also renewing your license

Surrendering or Retiring Your License

Submit a notarized letter (affidavit) documenting your desire to no longer hold a plumbing/fire suppression license in New York City.

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