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Limited Alteration Applications

General Information

The following licensees may submit a LAA1 form:

  • Licensed Plumbers

  • Licensed Fire Suppression Piping Contractors

  • Licensed Oil Burner Installers

LAA1 forms can be filed by mail or in person to:

Limited Alteration Application / Permit Renewal Unit
New York City Department of Buildings
280 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007
9am - 4pm (M - F)

Or through the NYC Development Hub & Electronic Filing System


  • Work cannot begin without an approved LAA

  • Construction work is not permitted under a LAA

  • Upon approval, both electronically and manually filed LAA permits can be downloaded from the property profile.

Licensed Contractors seeking to perform minor plumbing and oil burner installations/repairs or sprinkler and standpipe work can obtain a Limited Alteration Application (LAA) if the job meets the criteria as a Category 1 or Category 2 limited alteration.

Note: please read 28-101.5 of the Administrative Code for complete details.



LAA1: Limited Alteration Application
Download Form & Instructions or Electronically File

L2: Requests for Overrides, Reductions, or Waivers of Civil Penalties for Work Without a Permit and Stop Work Order Violations
Download Form & Instructions

OP128: Ordinary Plumbing Work Report
Download Form & Instructions

OP129: Report on Testing of Secondary Backflow Prevention Device
Download Form

PW2: Work Permit Application
Download Form & Instructions or Electronically File

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