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House #
Street Name
Insurance Tracking Number

To obtain an insurance tracking number, submit the following documents in person, by mail or email (from insurance broker):

Licensing Unit
NYC Department of Buildings
280 Broadway, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Original Workers’ Compensation Certificate

Accepted Forms:

  • U26.3 – Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Ins (NYS Insurance Fund only)

  • C105.2 (9/07) – Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • GSI 105.2 (2/02) – Certificate of Participation in Workers’ Compensation

Original Disability Insurance Certificate

Accepted Forms:

  • DB 120.1 (5/06) – Certificate of Compliance with Disability Benefits Law

Make sure to include Contractor name and phone number on the certificates

With a tracking number, you are permitted to do all work except the following:

  • New building construction

  • Demolition work

  • Work involving the placement of 2,000 cubic yards or more of concrete

  • Vertical or horizontal alterations that add more than 25% to an existing building’s floor area

  • Alteration work that adds three or more stories

  • Alteration work the removes more than 50% of an existing building’s floor area

  • Alteration work to remove one or more floors

Printable Checklist (PDF)