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Installing A Sign

Signs must comply with regulations outlined in the NYC Construction Codes and the NYC Zoning Resolution. There are restrictions on where advertising signs can be located.
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Construction Permit

To install a sign, a construction permit is required from the Department. Signs that are painted or smaller than six square feet and not illuminated do not require a permit. Permits are issued by the borough office of the borough in which the sign is located.
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Borough Contact:

Bronx  (718) 579-6931
Brooklyn  (718) 802-3677
Manhattan  (212) 566-0011
Queens   (718) 286-0601
Staten Island  (718) 816-2320

Electrical Permit

If the sign requires an electrical connection, an electrical permit is required from the Department. The permit must be filed for by a licensed electrician and issued by the Department’s Electrical Division.

Illuminated Sign Permit

If the sign is illuminated, an annual illuminated sign permit may also be required. Illuminated sign permits must be renewed annually.
Illuminated Sign Frequently Asked Questions

Hanging a Sign

Signs must be hung by a licensed Sign Hanger.
Licensed Sign Hangers (PDF)
Licensed Sign Hangers (excel)

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