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Hub Inspection Ready – Coming in 2014

The next expansion of the NYC Development Hub will provide online scheduling for virtually all inspections through a new service called Hub Inspection Ready. This system will go live in 2014.

Not only will this electronic system make it easier to schedule inspection appointments using our website – but it will expand the services offered through the NYC Development Hub. Hub Inspection Ready will offer more precise inspection scheduling and improve inspection tracking and notifications. In addition, this new system will further standardize the electronic checklists used by our inspectors for improved, agency-wide consistency – and allow industry members to certify certain objections electronically, eliminating a need for costly re-inspections.

View the Hub Inspection Ready informational presentation (PDF).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of inspections will I be able to schedule using Hub Inspection Ready?

Users will be able to schedule virtually all inspections through this service. These inspections include: Boilers; Builders Pavement Plans; Construction; Cranes & Derricks; Electrical; Elevators; House Connections; Plumbing; and Sustainability.

When Hub Inspection Ready launches will I be able to request inspections like I do today?

No. You will be required to use the online Hub Inspection Ready system to submit a request for an inspection to the Department. There will be a transition period after the Hub Inspection Ready launch during which Buildings staff will assist with completing your requests via phone and in the borough offices.

How will I learn to use Hub Inspection Ready?

Training materials, including a reference video and reference guides, will be posted on the Department’s website. Buildings staff will also provide assistance by phone and in each borough office.

Will inspections for jobs filed in the borough be scheduled through Hub Inspection Ready?

Yes. After Hub Inspection Ready launches, all inspections must be scheduled online through Hub Inspection Ready regardless of how the job was first filed.

Will additional fees be charged to use Hub Inspection Ready?

No. There are no additional fees to use Hub Inspection Ready. Hub Inspection Ready will provide expedited processing of your inspection request and more timely inspection results.