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General Liability Insurance

Starting on June 13, 2011, a new rule will go into effect changing the General Liability (GL) insurance requirements for permittees when performing construction or demolition work. Proof of compliance with these new insurance requirements will be required when obtaining and/or renewing a permit. Several factors will determine the amount of insurance requirements permittees must have, including:

  • If a Tower Crane is being used

  • If the proposed construction is on a one- or two-family home

  • If the depth of the proposed excavation work is less than 12 feet

  • If the proposed construction is on the lot line with an existing structure

  • If the height of the proposed construction is less than 35 feet

  • The height and number of stories of tallest adjacent building

  • The height and number of stories of proposed construction

  • The type of permit being obtained


To help permittees comply with the new insurance requirements, the Department has created a tool to calculate how much an insurance a construction site needs.
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