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Online Elevator Appointment Request Form
Use this form to request a sign off inspection by the Elevator Division for elevator dismantled, removed, installed or modernized applications.
 Online Elevator Appointment Request Form

ELV1 Elevator Application
Use this form for new installations, alterations, removals, etc.
 Download Form - Rev. 8/15
 Download Instructions

ELV1A Amusement Ride Application
Use this form as a supplement to the ELV1.  You must submit it when installing, replacing, modifying or modernizing a permanent amusement ride.
 Download Form - Rev. 1/09
 Download Instructions

ELV3 Elevator Inspection/Test Report
Use this form to to report inspection/test results for elevators/escalators.
 Download Form - Rev. 8/15
 Download (continued) - Rev. 8/15
 Download Instructions

ELV14 Index Sheet
Use this form to list all of the elevator forms being submitted along with your elevator application.
 Download Form - Rev. 4/13

ELV15 Affidavit of Professional Certification
Use this form to certify that (a) the elevator application or building notice is complete and in compliance with all applicable provisions of law or rules; and (b) whether or not the application is being filed to legalize an existing condition.
 Download Form - Rev. 12/14

ELV22 Pre-Clearance Inspection/Test Request
Use this form to request a pre-clearance (expedited test) inspection from the Elevator Division.
 Download Form - Rev. 8/15

ELV29 Affirmation of Correction
Certified elevator inspection companies who are authorized to perform inspections can use this form to request dismissal of non-hazardous violations (PVTs).
 Download Form - Rev. 5/15
 Download Instructions

ELV36 Elevator/ Escalator Test Notification Form
Use this form prior to completing a 1 Year Escalator Test, 3 Year Elevator Test (Water Hydro) and 5 Year Elevator Test.  It must be completed by Approved Licensed Elevator Inspection Agencies.
 Download Form - Rev. 1/09

B Form 10 Elevator Amendment Form
File this form with the ELV1 form.
 Download Form - Rev. 6/09
 Download Instructions

EBI1 Elevator Batch Intake Form
Use the Elevator Batch Intake (EBI-1) Form when processing reports for 5 or more of the following:
- Category 1 (Annual Inspection)
- Category 3 and 5 Reports (ELV3 & ELV3A forms)
- Affirmation of Correction (ELV29 form)
 Download Form - Rev. 3/11
 Download Instructions

ECP Elevator Cashier Civil Penalty Form
Use the ECP Form to submit civil penalties owed to the Elevator Division.
 Download Form - Rev. 9/10

EWP Elevator Waiver of Civil Penalties Form
Use the Elevator Waiver of Penalties (EWP) Form to request a waiver of elevator civil penalties.
 Download Form - Rev. 1/11
 Download Instructions

AI1 Additional Information
Multipurpose form for applicants to provide additional information on jobs.
 Download Form - Rev. 3/09