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Online Electrical Appointment Request Form
Use this form to request an electrical inspection appointment.
 Online Electrical Appointment Request Form

ED16A Electrical Permit Application
Use this form for electrical work, including the removal of electrical violations. This form should ONLY be filed by Licensed Electricians.
 Download Form - Rev. 7/12 or Electronically File
 Download New Supplement Form - Rev. 9/08
 Download Instructions 

BEC43 Electrical Self-Certification Affidavit
Use this form self-certify an "A" violation. "A" violations are issued on jobs that are completed and have been inspected and violations have been issued to the contractor.
 Download Form - Rev. 9/10

ED65 Application for Electrical Material and Equipment Approval
Use this form to apply for electrical material and equipment approval. 
 Download Form - Rev. 10/05

ED71 Electrical Division Certificate of Occupancy Signoff Request
Use this form to request for a Certificate of Occupancy Signoff.  This form must be filed by a Licensed Electrician and submitted to the Electrical Division.
 Download Form - Rev. 4/05

ED75: Open Electrical Violation — Request for Removal
Use this form to remove Open Electrical Violations.
 Download Form - Rev. 8/07
 Download Instructions

ED76: Electrical Code Interpretation Request Form
Submit this form to the Electrical Code Revision and Interpretation Committee (ECRIC) to request an interpretation and/or clarification of Electrical Code Technical Standards. The form should be submitted two weeks before the ECRIC meeting order to be considered.
 Download Form - Rev. 2/09

LIC37 Electrical Firm Account Request for Cancellation/Adjustment
Use this form to request an Electrical Firm Account statement adjustment.
 Download Form - Rev. 8/05
 Download Instructions

OP106 Waiver, Reduction, and Dismissal Request Cover Sheet
Use this form to request a waiver or reduction of civil penalties, or a dismissal associated with Local Law (LL) 62/91, 10/81, 11/98, PVT (DOB) Elevator Violation, or Electrical Violation.
 Download Form - Rev. 7/05
 Download Supporting Documentation Requirements