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Online Boiler Appointment Request Form
Use this form to request a sign off inspection by the Boiler Division for new boiler installations, replacements or minor alterations/repairs.
 Online Boiler Appointment Request Form

BO8 Notice to Verified Statement Of Readiness
Required after complete installation of boiler.
 Download Form - Rev. 6/03

BO9 DOB Boiler Inspection Report
File this form at Department of Buildings (DOB) to fulfill the DOB annual boiler inspection requirement(s).
 Download Form - Rev. 5/14
 Download Instructions

Annual Boiler Inspection Review List
The review list serves as a reference on the inspection requirements when performing an annual boiler inspection.
 Download Review List

BO13 Boiler Inspection Defect Report and Affirmation of Correction
Use this form to certify that defects found during an annual inspection have been corrected.
 Download Form - Rev. 2/15
 Download Extension Request Form (BO13E) - Rev. 11/10
 Download Instructions

OP49 Self-Certification for Removal of Existing Boiler
Required for removal or disconnection of an existing boiler.
 Download New Form - Rev. 5/11
 Download Instructions

BBI1  Boiler Batch Intake Form
The BBI1 form will be used by boiler applicants when filing 5 or more inspection reports, for the following: BO9 reports, BO13, BO13E, OP49, BWP.
 Download Form - Rev. 9/11

BWP Boiler Waiver of Civil Penalties Form
Use the Boiler Waiver of Penalties (BWP) Form to request a waiver of boiler civil penalties.
 Download Form - Rev. 1/11
 Download Instructions


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