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Finding a Certificate of Occupancy

  1. Enter the Address into the Department's Buildings Information System (BIS).

  2. Click "View Certificates of Occupancy" in the top right corner to view all certificates issued.

  3. Click on the link for the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) you would like to view.

Checking the Status of a Certificate of Occupancy

  1. Click the Applications Link in the Building Information Search in BIS.

  2. Enter the Certificate of Occupancy application number and Click "GO."

  3. View the status of your application the C/O Application Summary Inquiry screen.

  4. Check the Application Status field to see if the CO has been issued. If no CO has been issued, the Summary screen indicates which items remain outstanding.

If the CO has not be issued:

  • Click the All Requirements link to view the job's Required Items on the List of Required Items screen

  • You may specify criteria to view only certain Required Items. Select "Open Items Only" and click "Redisplay" to view only those Required Items that remain outstanding.

  • Click the Inspection History link to view the job's Construction Inspection history.

  • Click on a specific work order number to view inspection details on the Inspection Work Order Query screen.

  • Objections Query screen.

Certificates of Occupancy Fact Sheet