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House #
Street Name
Record Management Fees

All jobs filed with the Buildings Department will be subject to new records management fees. The fees replace microfilm fees (if applicable). The fee amounts are based on the property type.

  Type of Property

  Fee Amount

  1,2,3 family dwelling


  All others


  • Place of Assembly (PA)
  • Alteration 2 Fire Alarm (FA)
  • Subdivision Condominium (SC)
  • Alteration 3 Builders Pavement Plan (BPP)
  • Subdivision Improved (SI)
For these jobs, applicants must pay the fee prior to approval. A receipt will be issued upon payment.

A new required item “Records Management Fee Payment Receipt” apply to these jobs:

  • To satisfy, applicants must submit the receipt as proof of payment

  • If professionally certifying, in the “Item Required Prior to Approval” section, Check “Yes” next to the “Other” field and type “Records Management Fee Receipt” on the line provided.