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Plan Examination

Scheduling an Appointment with a Plan Examiner

Applicants seeking to make a Plan Exam appointment can either request an appointment in person at a borough office or schedule an appointment through 311.

Scheduling an Appointment Through 311

Applicants seeking to make Plan Exam appointments through 311 must file a registration form with the Department. Once registered, applicants can schedule appointments over the phone by calling 311.
Register for 311 Plan Exam Scheduling

To schedule a specialized Plan Exam appointment (clusters, additional job reviews, audits, etc.), please contact the appropriate borough office.

Confirming or Canceling an Appointment

Applicants must confirm or cancel plan examination appointments at least 24 hours before their scheduled appointment. Applicants must cancel scheduled appointments before picking a date to reschedule.

Fire Alarm Plan Examination

The Fire Department reviews fire alarm plans at their headquarters at 9 MetroTech in Brooklyn.  To find out more, visit the FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention website.
Visit FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention