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Amusements Rides

Applications and Permits

Permanent Rides

File an Elevator Application (ELV1) and the ELV1A Amusement Ride Application (ELV1A) to install new rides or perform major upgrades.

File an Elevator Building Notice (ELV1) for any alteration, modernization, removal or dismantlement.

ELV1 Elevator Application & Instructions (for EA or EBN)
ELV1A & Instructions

Temporary Mechanical Rides

File an application with the Department of Consumer Affairs to obtain license number. Use the license number to schedule an inspection with the Department’s Elevator and Electrical Divisions.  Rides that pass inspection by the Elevator Division will be issued a green card.  Rides must pass inspection by the Electrical Division and obtain a green card before they can be operated.
Additional Amusement Ride Forms


Truck-Mounted Mobile Rides - Mobile amusement rides are inspected once a year.

Permanent Rides - Permanent rides are inspected twice a year during ride season.

Temporary Mechanical Rides - Temporary mechanical rides are inspected each time they are set-up. Inspectors also perform spot-checks of the rides during operating hours.