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Elevators Maintenance

Property owners must maintain their elevators, escalators and related devices in safe and working condition. Failure to do so will result in violations. Complaints about elevators, escalators, amusement rides, and other related devices should be made by calling 311.

Maintenance Contract

Building owners are required to have a contract with an approved agency to perform repair and maintenance work of passenger elevators. Maintenance work does not require a permit from the Department.

Maintenance Log and Control Program

Owners are also required to keep a maintenance log, detailing and a Maintenance Control Program, which establishes a program of maintenance and upkeep for the device.

Code Data Plate

Each device must have a Code Data Plate, which identifies the code and edition in effect at the time of installation and details any installations, repairs or modifications made to the device.

Failure to Maintain

Owners that repeatedly fail to maintain their elevators can face criminal court action from the Department.

Using complaint data, violations, maintenance filings, and field inspection records, the Department of Buildings identifies the ten top offenders who have consistent and chronic elevator problems in their buildings.

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