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Elevators Inspections and Tests

Three Year Test (Category 3)

Water Hydraulic Elevators Only

Owners with water hydraulic elevators must have these devices inspected every three years in addition to the Category 1 inspection. The test must be performed by an Approved Elevator Inspection Agency and witnessed by an Approved Agency not affiliated with the agency performing the inspection.

Filing Inspection Results

Owners must file the ELV3 Elevator Inspection/Test Report with the Department to record the inspection results. When the Category 1 and Category 3 inspections fall in the same year, owners may choose to perform both types of inspections at the same time and file the results on the same ELV3 Form.
ELV3 Form & Instructions

The Department must be notified 10 calendar days prior to performing the test by filing the ELV36 Elevator/ Escalator Test Notification Form. The date of notification must be indicate on the ELV3.

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