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Applications and Permits

New Installations or Major Upgrades

File an Elevator Application (EA) to install a new device or perform a substantial upgrade, alteration, replacement or modernization to an existing device.

Alterations, Modernizations, Repairs or Replacements

File an Elevator Building Notice (EBN) to remove or dismantle an existing device or perform a minor alteration, repair or replacement.
ELV1 Elevator Application & Instructions (for EA or EBN)

All permits must be posted in public until the work has been completed and signed-off.

Sign-Off Inspections

After completion of work performed under an EA or EBN, contact the Elevator Division for an inspection and test appointment. Upon successful completion, the device can be put into service.

Minor Alterations

Contractors are permitted to sign-off on minor alterations to existing elevators for EBN/PPN applications.
OPPN #26/90

Contact Information:

Customer Service: 212-393-2144
General Inquires:
Appointment: Online Elevator Appointment Request Form