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Electronic Filing at the NYC Development Hub

All electronic filings at the Department of Buildings are now coordinated through the NYC Development Hub in Lower Manhattan. Electronic filing at the Development Hub allows customers to prepare applications online, eliminating the need for customers to wait in line and pay for mailing costs, saving customers both time and money. All electrical work, minor plumbing work and renewals for after-hours variance permits can be obtained by filing your documents electronically.

Under a new program called Hub Self-Service, New York State-licensed architects and engineers can professionally certify plans for small construction projects (Alteration 2 and Alteration 3) without visiting a Department office. Through the Department’s website, applicants can create online accounts, complete the necessary electronic forms and upload the proper documents in order to receive approvals and obtain construction permits. Alteration 2 and 3 applications are typically submitted when there is no change in use, occupancy or egress.

Register for electronic filing at the NYC Development Hub

Log-in to the NYC Development Hub

Electronic Filing at the NYC Development Hub

Electronic filing at the NYC Development Hub can be used to do the following:

Prepare PW1 applications online because the system replicates the PW1 applications and allows applicants to navigate from one screen to another seamlessly. Once completed, Department staff can quickly retrieve the entered information, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to process applications.

Renew existing permits and After-Hour Variances online, pay the renewal fee online and print the new permit/variance via BIS. Permits and/or After-Hours Variances cannot be renewed online if:

  • The scope of work has changed
  • The tradesperson or contractor is no longer in good standing with the Department
  • There is an issue with the application

The following permit types cannot be renewed online:

  • Demolition permits
  • Curb cut permits
  • Homeowner permits
  • Pre-BIS permits
  • No-work permits
  • Shed permits
  • NB permits that do not have an active EQ Fence permit
  • Permits that require a civil penalty or additional fee

File an electrical application for a new address or remove an electrical violation online, pay the application fee online and print the permit out via BIS. Preparers can fill out applications, but only electricians registered with the Department can add an electronic seal/signature to the application. Electrical applications for the following things cannot be filed online:

  • Signs
  • Applications that need special certification and/or approvals
  • Applications for non-building addresses (bus shelters, telephone booths, news stands, street lighting, sub-stations, etc.)
  • Advisory Board Projects

Submit required items online, including letters from the Landmarks Preservation Commissioner and five-day notices for excavation and soil testing reports. Required items not supported online include insurance liability confirmations and TR reports. Once required items are electronically submitted, Department staff can accept the submitted required items online, saving applicants trips to the borough office in certain instances.

File Limited Alteration Applications (LAA) online, pay the application fee online and print the permit out via BIS. Preparers can fill out applications, but only licensed master plumbers and licensed fire suppression contractors registered with the Department can add an electronic seal/signature to the application. LAA permits cannot be submited online when:

  • The property has an open violation for working without a permit
  • Amending an existing application (PAA)
  • Withdrawing an application
  • Indicating a superseding applicant
  • Legalizing existing work/conditions
  • Doing work that requires the submittal of drawings

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