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Department Approved Course Providers

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Listing Provider Contact Information:

Required For:
Concrete Courses
30-Hour Concrete Safety Manager Registration
8-Hour Concrete Safety Manager Refresher Registration Renewal

Cranes & Derrick Courses 

4-Hour Mast Climber User & Operator Worker ID
30-Hour Climber/Tower Rigger Crane Worker ID
8-Hour Climber/Tower Rigger Crane Renewal Worker ID
30-Hour Master Rigger Worker ID
8-Hour Master Rigger Renewal Worker ID
30-Hour Special Rigger Worker ID
8-Hour Special Rigger Renewal Worker ID
Plumbing Course

7-Hour Master Plumber & Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor Renewal

Safety Courses
40-Hour Site Safety Manager 


8-Hour Site Safety Manager for Design Professionals & Experienced Managers


7-Hour Site Safety Manager Refresher

Certification/Registration Renewal

Scaffold Courses
4-Hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher Worker ID
32-Hour Supported Scaffold Installer & Remover Worker ID
8-Hour Supported Scaffold Installer & Remover Refresher Worker ID
16-Hour Suspended Scaffold User and Refresher Worker ID
32-Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Worker ID
8-Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Refresher Worker ID