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Obtaining a Concrete Testing Laboratory Licenses

Submit the following documents by mail to:

Office of Technical Certification & Research
NYC Buildings Department
280 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10007

  • A completed, typed and notarized license application (LIC1)

  • A copy of the AAP inspection report and certificate from latest tour of inspections

  • A copy of Director’s photo ID (drivers license, NYS Non-drivers ID, current passport or green card)

  • A copy of Director’s PE/RA license and registration certificate

  • A copy of the Director’s social security card

  • A copy of the Director’s resume

  • A copy of the ACI Field Testing Technician—Grade l certification (for all field technicians)

  • A copy of the ACI Concrete Testing Laboratory Technician—Level l certification (for all laboratory technicians)

  • Proof of insurance (General Liability with occurrence base of $1 million dollars and worker’s compensation)

Documents submitted in person will not be accepted.

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